Inspection systems for fluorescent materials:

I-LED for inspection and repair:

EPSYS I-LED for inspection and repairing:

  • Optimal illumination
  • Small quantities production

The work and test stations I-LED WS and WSM were developed for the optical inspection of protective coated assemblies and for the processing of small quantities or repairs. The basic lighting is a UV black light emitter, which makes fluorescent coating systems visible over a large area. With the optional dosing station and the flexible turntable, you get a complete workstation for coating and checking.

Retrofittable UV lighting I-LED emitter:

EPSYS I-LED emitter for retrofitting:

  • Separate control with long connection cable
  • Inspection on all machines and devices

The I-LED emitter is a UV lamp that can be used in the inspection area of protective-coated assemblies. Due to the favorable dimensions, the separate control and the long connection cable, the spotlight can be easily integrated into painting machines, conveyor belts. It is also used in incoming and outgoing goods inspection.


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