Accessories and aids for selective coating:

Coating equipment Starterkit:

EPSYS Starterkit for samples and repairs:

  • Complete accessory for a coating workstation
  • Everything at hand

The starter kit contains all the necessary components for a manual painting work station to carry out the smallest series or repairs to painted surfaces.

Workpiece carrier I-Frame:

EPSYS I-FRAME for flexible module mounting:

  • Fast changeover with magnetic feet
  • Can be used everywhere

The I-Frame workpiece carrier increases the flexibility and cycle time of machining processes. The magnetic feet allow conversion without tools or other aids. The design ensures parallelism across the entire machining area even when inserting several assemblies, thereby simplifying the programming of your robot.

Cover labels MaskTapes:

EPSYS MaskTapes for secure masking:

  • Absolutely silicone-free
  • Metallized surface
  • Shaping as required

The EP mask tapes are ideal for masking electrical contacts on printed circuit boards or busbars such as Ground areas, screw areas and test points so that they remain uncoated. The mask tapes are individually shaped so that lengthy and tedious cutting with the scalpel is a thing of the past. The mask tapes are silicone-free, there is no dewetting at the edges.

Cleaning carrier CCA-10:

EPSYS CCA-10 for the best cleaning results:

  • Safe positioning
  • Suitable for assemblies of different size
  • Rustproof and ESD-safe

With the help of the CCA-10 carrier system, assemblies of various sizes and heights can be positioned in an existing cleaning system. There are 10 slots available per carrier system. The assemblies are fixed using flexible brushes without mechanical stress on the surfaces. The complete carrier is rustproof and ESD-safe.